Dodd Audio

I am not sure if this one should be called a prototype or an experiment. I bet Kevin Haskins of DIY cable didn't realize that he would be represented twice in this event (sort of). Gary Dodd purchased a couple of Hypex UDC-400 amp modules from Kevin months ago and had them laying around. So he finally did something with them.

Yes I know, Gary is a professional amplifier designer, but his effort clearly showed what can be done with stock Hypex modules and a good power supply.

Gary had an old Adbomb (code for Adcom) chassis laying around that was a perfect donor chassis.

One the rear was typical Dodd Audio inputs and outputs from Cardas. On the front panel is a power on/off switch and a stand-by or mute switch.

This thing was by far the heaviest of the event. Gary used what he called a "real power supply". It had dual input transformers, one for each channel of coarse. Then since it was fairly efficient, he decided to add a balanced power transformer to reduce the noise floor.

If he ever does bring it to market as a product then he is thinking that he will add a couple of high quality Hubble electrical outlets to the back of it so that other front end components can run off the balanced power supply too.

Power: 400W into 4 Ohms, 200@ into 8 Ohms.

See more of Gary's work at his web site:


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