Notes from Mark Lyon about the Lyngdorf amp

Thanks for inviting me to send the Lyngdorf amp to the comparison. I thought it would be interesting to see how it would sound in comparison to whatever showed up.

All in all, it sounds like it did very well. Danny's recap states that on Saturday, the Lyngdorf was picked as best (over the Superphon prototype for $1K more) since you could listen to the Lyngdorf longer, with more pleasure. As Danny puts it, “The top two were: The Lyngdorf and the Superphon with an edge being given to the Lyngdorf for being a smoother sounding amp. The smoothly balanced sound of the Lyngdorf made it easy to listen to for extended periods.”

I am OK with something you can listen to longer, even if it has a lower “wow” factor over shorter periods. I'm sure each of us has heard something that initially grabs our attention-- and then later, we notice that the “wow” part is getting tiring, and in fact, is part of the reproduction chain, and not part of the music.

I own a Sonic Impact amp (who could resist the price?) and have no doubt that the various modified units give a better sound. Perfect for DIY work. Still, one cannot escape the lack of power. Yes, there are workarounds-- higher efficiency speakers, powered woofers for the low end-- but obviously, this is not for everyone. In contrast, the $1490 Lyngdorf amp puts out 220 watts into 8 ohms, and 375 into 4 ohms (test results from HiFi World review in the UK, May 2005 ... the magazine later named the SDA2175 as “Amp of the year” for 2005).

The Lyngdorf SDA2175 is not a prototype, or produced in very limited quantities. The reason that Danny found that the fit and finish of the Lyngdorf was so good, is that it is produced in quantity, and to a very high standard. Support for the Lyngdorf Audio equipment will be longterm.

Another thing about the Lyngdorf SDA2175, aside from not being very much money, is that it never misses a beat. Very stable design. Also, and I think this ! is worth considering, the Lyngdorf Audio company is much more likely to be around seven years from now (say) if the purchaser needs service. As I mentioned to you earlier, Peter Lyngdorf owns Dali loudspeaker company and is the principal in HiFi Klubben, a group of 55 audio stores in Scandinavia. As a bricks and mortar retailer in business since 1975 (!), I pay a lot of attention to how stable a company will be, if the person who entrusted me with their money needs some service down the road. I think some of the amp companies in the comparison would fail the "likely longevity" test.

Thanks for asking for the amp. I had nothing to lose, really, since the SDA2175 has not had any reviews in the US, and not any on the horizon. Lyngdorf Audio is wrapped in brin! ging the RoomPerfect room correction to market, and all their efforts will be toward getting major magazine reviews for that. The SDA2175 seemed like a good choice for your comparison.... a lot of bang for the buck, a smooth, coherent musical presentation without any "weird" stuff at all. We'll see, maybe a few people would like to have something like this. It should have been pretty darn good sounding with your test setup.

Again, thanks for asking me to send an amplifier. Lyngdorf Audio has a full range of innovative products-- already being sold in quantity in Europe, and just now starting in the US.

If anyone has any further questions or comments, please let me know.

Mark Lyon, Audio Systems


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