The first match up, Edge verses Superphon

Edge Amp (amp E)

Choices for each category were: Bad, Yawn, Decent, Good, and Excellent

Turn on noise:__________3 Excellent,

Noise floor:____________2 Yawn, 2 Good

Detail or resolution:______3 Yawn, 1 Decent, 1 Good

Dynamics:_____________4 Yawn, 1 Decent, 1 Good

Distortion: _____________2 Yawn, 2 Good

Top end Quality :_________3 Yawn, 1 Good

Vocal range: ____________4 Yawn, 1 Good

Bass Quality :___________2 Yawn, 2 Decent, 1 Good

Instrument clarity:________3 Yawn, 1 Good

Imaging placement:_______3 Yawn, 1 Decent, 1 Good

Overall sound:___________2 Yawn, 1 Decent, 1 Good

Comments: Musical, foot tapping, involving, not musical, low dynamics, a little on the thin side,no real depth, no emotion, listenable but nothing special, no music, flat sounding, one dimensional, in speakers,

Two people voted "Yawns" straight down the chart. They are included above.

Superphon Amp (amp N)

Turn on noise:__________1 Good, 4 Excellent

Noise floor:____________2 Good, 2 Excellent

Detail or resolution:______4 Good, 1 Excellent

Dynamics:_____________1 Yawn, 3 Good, 1 Excellent

Distortion: _____________1 Yawn, 4 Good,

Top end Quality :_________1 Yawn, 2 Good, 2 Excellent

Vocal range: ____________1 Decent, 4 Good

Bass Quality :___________1 Decent, 5 Good

Instrument clarity:________1 Decent, 5 Good

Imaging placement:_______1 Good, 1 Excellent

Overall sound:___________1 Decent, 2 Good

Comments: More information, great imaging and sound staging, good bass weight, liquid top end and vocals, Fuller sound than the "E" amp, more life then "E" amp, not as involving, I am surprised how much effect the music choices have on the impressions of the amps.

One person voted "Good" straight down the chart. His scores were included above.

Choices to circle for "Favored Amp" were: Barely, Slightly Favored, Favored, or Clearly Favored

Choices to circle for "Differences" were: Very Subtle, Subtle, Slight but Clear, Clear, Clear in Areas, or Very Clear

Amp Favored: 1 for "E" circled "Clearly favored"

Differences: 1 circled "Clear"

Amp Favored: 6 for "N". 4 people circled "Clearly Favored"

Differences: 1 circled "Clear in Areas" 3 circled "Clearly Favored"

With a 6 to 1 majority the Superphon amp moved to the next round.


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