Match 3, Art verses Dodd

The battle of the amps from Garland, Texas

Analog Research Technology (amp T)

Choices for each category were: Bad, Yawn, Decent, Good, and Excellent

Turn on noise:__________3 Excellent

Noise floor:____________2 Decent, 2 Excellent

Detail or resolution:______1 Yawn

Dynamics:_____________No responses

Distortion: _____________2 Decent

Top end Quality :_________1 Yawn, 1 Good

Vocal range: ____________2 Yawn. 1 Decent

Bass Quality :___________2 Yawn, 1 Decent

Instrument clarity:________1 Yawn, 1 Decent

Imaging placement:_______1 Bad, 1 Decent

Overall sound:___________2 Yawn

Comments: Lean, missing information, bad, thin sound, very little depth of image, bass loose, something seams wrong with imaging!, bass depth but lack control, vocals "off" and unnatural, hard top end, imaging was...odd can't quite place. One guy voted "Yawn" straight down the chart and his scores were not included above.

Foot note: Most noticed an imaging issue is the first few seconds. We paused, I check all the connections and polarity. All was fine. Middle seaters noted that vocals were in the center (somewhat) and it did not sound out of phase, but out of focus.

Dodd Amp (amp D)

Turn on noise:__________3 Excellent

Noise floor:____________1 Good, 2 Excellent

Detail or resolution:______1 Decent, 3 Good

Dynamics:_____________1 Decent, 2 Good

Distortion: _____________1 Decent, 1 Excellent

Top end Quality :_________3 Good

Vocal range: ____________1 Decent, 2 Good, 1 Excellent

Bass Quality :___________1 Decent, 3 Good, 1 Excellent

Instrument clarity:________2 Good

Imaging placement:_______1 Good, 2 Excellent

Overall sound:___________1 Decent, 2 Good

Comments: Articulate, great image and weight, fluid top end, more solid imaging, very clean, nice balance with better bass, easy to pick out instrument placement in stage, good air, dynamics good, very open and smooth, edgy, a little bright on the top end. One guy voted "Good" straight down the chart and his scores were not included above.

Choices to circle for "Favored Amp" were: Barely, Slightly Favored, Favored, or Clearly Favored

Choices to circle for "Differences" were: Very Subtle, Subtle, Slight but Clear, Clear, Clear in Areas, or Very Clear

Amp Favored: 7 for "D". 2 circled "Favored", 2 circled "Clearly Favored"

Differences: 1 circled "Clear in areas", 2 circled "Vary Clear"

With a complete majority the Dodd amp moved to the next round.


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